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Entrevista con Rafael Bittencourt de ANGRA

Hace unos días atrás, Hernán Mazón, le envió unas preguntas a ANGRA, y Rafael Bittencourt, uno de sus guitarristas, respondió muy amablemente a las mismas. Si te tenemos que contar que la misma fue realizada en inglés, con lo cual, apelamos a tu conocimiento del idioma para que puedas interpretar cada una de sus elaboradas respuestas. Como guía, te dejamos las preguntas que le realizamos para que puedas interactuar con el audio en cuestión. Saludos del equipo de Metal-Daze!

MD: Like any other band, Angra has had its ups and downs in searching for musicians. To some extent that complicates the band to rearm again. How did you live this process of what initially was a collaboration of Fabio to finally become a member of Angra?

MD: Regarding the new album, I can hear and perceive that you have exploited a more progressive side in some of the songs, without losing the “power metal” thread, under which people met you worldwide. What can you tell us about this?

MD: At different scales Kiko and Fabio respond to their other bands demands, How do you think this may affect the tour to promote “Secret Garden”?

MD: As professional musicians, How was it, in the verycore of the band, in rehearsals and other aspects to adapt to Fabio and his way of singing? Was it difficult or it just came out naturally? On the other hand, how was the process of getting Fabio in the band? Was it just a phone call or a long and complex process?

MD: What can you tell us about the participation of Simone and Doro in some of the songs? When listening to the songs, I felt the band adapted to the vocal power and style of each singer, right? And about Rafa, What can you tell us? I would have never imagined to hear him sing like that, Surprised?

MD: I imagine it might have not been easy to structure a concept album like this telling the life of Morten Vrolik, a since you should keep a storyline, a plot. How did you made music and lyrics match in a way so that the whole album did not lose solvency?

MD: The last time you were in Argentina, it was with Fabio, although I could not get to the show comments about it were the best. Are these kind of critics the ones that you gather all around the world as you play? I ask this because the band had an incredible start with André, then you gave a very important step with Edu and now again with Fabio. If there is something that the band never lacked are good voices, but that precisely is something that  the fans find very hard to let go, the previous singers.

MD: Surely many of the followers of Angra here in Argentina would like to have you here soon showing the new material. is there any sketch of the tour already or you plan to leave South America for the end?

MD: After so many years together, several albums released, Do you feel that after Sepultura, from Brazil to the world, Angra is positioned as a new ambassador?

MD: We wish you all the best for the future and appreciate the time devoted to this interview.

Autor: Hernán Mazón